Health is an Investment, Not an Expense


In the following table, we’ve outlined the difference between regular Retail model vs the Origin Club model, this will kind of give you a rough idea on how the costs can be lower.
Cost Parameter Retail Model Origin Model


All of our products are non-GMO. India has never allowed GMO seeds except Cotton and the farmers from whom we source are fiercely pro-planet and have been sowing heirloom seeds for generations. On top of that, the organic certificate also entails Non-GMO testing.

We have been testing eco-friendly, zero plastic packaging for the past couple months now. The current packaging is a high-grade plastic and is recyclable. As we move ahead in our journey you will see us moving to completely non-plastic, eco-friendly packaging over the next few months.

The cardboard/paper we use is 100% recyclable, and wherever possible, we have made sure to discard bubble wrap and such plastic materials and use alternatives that are better for you and the planet.



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